Parlexi is an author ally tool that acts as your writing partner from querying agents to publishing your first bestseller.

Elevate your writing projects from good to exceptional. Craft your next bestseller with support as Parlexi guides you every step of the way.

Our mission is to champion aspiring authors on their journey to literary success by providing a comprehensive program focused on helping authors develop query letters and other necessary materials  that resonate with literary agents


What Parlexi The Author Ally Offers:


Expert Query Crafting

 Send confident query letters. Let Author Ally guide you through the process. Your pitches will stand out in the crowded publishing inboxes.


Pitch Perfect

Learn the art of concise, impactful pitches for platforms like Twitter, ensuring your story captures attention in just a few words.


From building compelling characters to mapping relatable narratives, get personalized advice tailored to your story's needs.


Writing Rubrics

Elevate your writing with our detailed rubrics designed to refine readability, content quality, and character development.


Synopsis & Blurb Writing

 Master the craft of writing engaging synopses and blurbs that hook your reader from the first line.


Exclusive Access for Members:

Parlexi The Author Ally is available exclusively through our monthly membership. Join today for $99 per month for full access + office hours!