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Parlexi: QueryMarker is our Free AI Writing Assistant that uses our proven formula to craft an industry-standard query to submit to literary agents and publishers. 


About Parlexi: The Author Ally

Parlexi, your premier author ally tool, stands at the intersection of innovation and literary tradition, designed to transform the journey of writers from querying agents to publishing bestsellers.

Derived from the Latin roots "par-" meaning partner and "lexi," referring to words, Parlexi epitomizes the essence of being a writer's partner in the realm of words and narratives.

Founded by author and publishing industry veteran Anne MacDonald and author and media industry veteran Andrya Allen, Parlexi is the culmination of decades of experience, expertise, and a shared passion for empowering authors.

Anne MacDonald, with her distinguished role as an acquisitions director at Indigo Publishing and status as a bestselling author, brings a wealth of knowledge from the publishing world. Her extensive experience on national panels further enriches Parlexi's foundation. Andrya Allen, the creative force behind and Vox Verba, extends her vast experience in AI marketing tools and storytelling platforms into the fabric of Parlexi.

Together, MacDonald and Allen have meticulously developed Parlexi to serve as the ultimate companion for authors at every stage of their writing journey. Set to revolutionize the writing process with the launch of the AI Writing Assistant Parlexi: Author Ally offers a suite of services designed to elevate writing projects from good to exceptional:

  • Expert Query Crafting: Parlexi demystifies the query letter process, using our professional formula to craft an industry-level query. It also offers guidance and support to ensure your pitches captivate the attention of publishing gatekeepers.

  • Agent Assistance: Let Parlexi find the perfect agent to query your manuscript. Using our database of active literary agents, Parlexi can pair your query with an agent actively looking for and selling books in your genre. 

  • Pitch Perfect: Master the craft of delivering concise and impactful pitches, perfect for platforms like Twitter, where capturing attention in a few words is paramount.

  • Writing Rubrics: Utilize our comprehensive rubrics to enhance readability, content quality, and character development, propelling your writing to new heights. It will even grade your current query!

  • Synopsis & Blurb Writing: Learn to craft compelling synopses and blurbs that intrigue and engage readers from the outset.

  • Story Development: Benefit from personalized advice tailored to your narrative, from character building to plot structuring, ensuring your story resonates with readers.

Exclusive to Parlexi Group Members for $99 a month, Parlexi represents a unique blend of technological prowess and literary insight, offering unparalleled support to authors aspiring to make their mark in the literary world. Embrace the future of writing with Parlexi, where every word counts, and every story matters. Access Parlexi, The Author Ally, and begin crafting your next bestseller with the confidence and support of industry veterans guiding your way.


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